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About Indian Concrete Institute

        Indian Concrete Institute is one of the leading professional bodies in India, catering to the professional needs of individuals and organisations involved in Concrete. Being a non-profit Organization, it is dedicated to the cause of Disseminating Knowledge on Concrete, to Promote Concrete Technology and Construction and to address the Research Needs of Concrete.
        To meet the objectives of ICI, the regional Centres conduct varieties of programs like Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Exhibitions, etc. throughout the year. These are at both National and International level.These events prove to be a unique platform, for all the stakeholders in the concrete industry, wherein Practicing Engineers, Manufacturers, Academics, Consultants and Researchers make their global participation, to discuss the issues, to share their views and experience on the concrete related matters.  Thus, ICI derives the synergy amongst the various categories of people associated with concrete.
        ICI embraces budding civil engineers through ICI Students Chapters. There are more than 160 students chapters, all over the country and this number is on the increase. The very objective of these students’ chapters is to bridge the gap between their theoretical knowledge and what is being practiced in the field. Their involvement in ICI activities help them shape themselves to face the challenges in the field, when they come out of the Institutions and enhance their Employability Quotient.  ICI also conducts value-added courses in concrete for the benefit of Practicing Engineers and Students.

About ICI GCEK Students Chapter

    Indian Concrete Institute student chapter was inaugurated at Govt. College of Engineering Kannur on 7th September 2016 for the nurturing of budding civil engineering professionals as a result of incredible efforts of M.Tech 2015-17 students.


  • To bridge the gap between what we are learning in classroom and what is happening in site.
    • ICI provides opportunity to listen to, and to interact with experts from within the country and abroad.
    • Concessional Delegate fee for participation in ICI events, to get updated on the latest technology & practices in Concrete Industry.
    • Access to Job Portal E-learning Portal
    • Concessional rates for Publications of ICI.
    • Support to conduct Training Programmes, Workshops, Conferences, Site Visits etc.
    • Support in calling professionals in civil engineering for delivering Guest Lectures, on topics of interest.
    • “ICI-Update” a monthly e-bulletin from ICI, to keep abreast of the happenings in ICI and to know the Forthcoming Events.
    • Opportunity to participate in ICI conducted competitions like ICI FEST, which is a zonal meet of Students Chapters.
    • Waiver of entrance fee to become Life Member of ICI, after graduation.
    • Access to ICI Archives, which is a collection of valuable Technical Papers.
  • Access to ICI reference library.

Our Team


Prof. Saji K P 
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Ph: 9387021080

Advisory Commitee

- Dr. Ashalatha R
- Prof. Daya Krishnankutty
- Dr. Smitha M S

- Dr. Vandana Sreedharan

- Dr. Rajeevan B

- Dr. Rajesh K N

Prof. Narayanan N I

Student Executives


- Ajmal Babu M S - M3 CAS - Ph. 9539789400

Vice President

- Rajeesh P T - S7 CE - Ph. 9746455279

- Fathima Sana V K - S5 CE - Ph. 9745639006

- Muhammed Musthafa - Ph. 9400008200

Event Coordinators

- Thahsin Saidarakath - M3 CAS - Ph. 9746681058

-  Sreerag K Nair - S5 CE - Ph. 8281722861